A real online genealogy tool, please.

I have been looking for decent hosted genealogy software. Most stuff is typically PC only, and I am a Mac user. I am also in charge of the project, so what I say goes. Really, though, I want an online tool that can be used thru the browser, and does a decent job of it.

OneGreatFamily has a great looking service. Being able to tap into their database would be huge. But find your way to the system requirements, and you guessed it, does not work with the Mac.

On the Mac, the best known tool is Reunion 8. But, its not been updated in 2 years, and being Mac only shuts out my PC using family. I want a good tool everyone can use.

I did find my way to Cindy’s List, which is heavily cited as the a great resource for genealogy sites. But no software tools that I could see.

When I stumbled onto Amiglia, I thought it was very cool. But I have older family members still getting the hang of computing –some of whom are still grappling with cut and paste. These are the folks with most of the family information in their head, and they need a tool they can use. The prospect of them grokking a groovy 2.0 tool are slim. Also, its mostly pictures. I need to store some serious data also.

I was getting close, tantalizingly close, with 123-familytree.com. Its all hosted. But I already have very good hosting, I have been a professional website designer for 10 years. I don’t want to pay monthly fees on top of my monthly fees. I already have to lay down some serious cash to get the family photos scanned. The budget is a concern.

I know I am being picky and I have a narrow target to hit: Platform-independent client, hosted, feature-rich, ease of use, low cost.

But I do have a lead contender. Darren Lythgoe’s TNG. The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuidling is commercial warez, but only $29. I can install it on my own webserver. It looks pretty good. Its visual, data-centric, compatible with GEDCOM format, done in PHP/MySQL (and some AJAX, woo-hoo), and very reasonably priced. This is looking pretty good.

I am definitely checking this one out, and for only $29 its worth a try.