My Lytro Camera

I have seen a lot of cool tech through the years, and for a long time gadgets had me firmly in their grip. I had the first iPod, and before that the Rio MP3 player. I had a first and second generation iPhone, too. I am a standard-issue Silicon Valley propeller head. Heck, I even repaired my iPhone and made a video about it, I was that into them. (not anymore, though, I’m over it, have a Windows Phone now).

But it has been a while since a gadget really got my attention. There just aren’t that many revolutionary things lately. I don’t own an iPad. I don’t care about Siri. Apps are not that interesting to me.

Boom Boom, Pow, I want it NOW.

But that was then, and this is now. Now I am ready to rock with the newest digital thing since, oh, last quarter. That thing is the Lytro Camera. The science is cool – light field photography. The tech is cool – you can focus the picture after you take it. The design is cool (suck it, Apple). And I can’t wait to be the first one on my block to have one. It’s like my love affair with the very first iPod, all over again.
I got my shipment notice today (placed my preorder in January, literally 5 minutes after I saw it). It is scheduled to be delivered in about a week. I am obsessively hitting refresh on the package tracking site. I will post details shortly. Well, in a week or so.

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