Who stole my tunes? …iPhone Lint!

Anyone who has followed my iPhone exploits knows that I have become a repair guy in my spare time. I have dried out water damage, replaced my LCD (check out my trés popular YouTube video), heck I have even repaired my daughter’s Nintendo DS.

The next chapter in my iPhone saga was headset problems. I was not being heard on calls. I tested the phone without the headset and it worked fine. So I replaced the headset. Then this week my car stereo cable hookup went funky. Hearing Ain’t That a Shame with guitar only and no vocals is fine for karaoke, but I was concerned. I had thought it was the headset, but if my stereo cable was now having issues, then it was probably the phone. I hoped it was not, but now I was certain I would be hitting Amazon for more iPhone parts and opening the thing up once again.

Today I was playing High School Musical for my daughter for the 8 millionth time, and the sound was funky again. So I jiggled the plug in the receptacle and was able to get the sound working. I began to wonder, was the receptacle loose from over use? Was it a curse for playing too much HSM 3? I did the jiggling and twisting, but it would slip as soon as the phone moved. As I pressed down firmly to seat the thing, the sound worked. Let off, and it did not. I was able to reproduce this every time I tried.

Using my heightened powers of iPhone Repair Man reasoning, I looked closely at the jack (note: not a safe thing to do while driving). It did not seem to be all the way in. The sound worked when I pushed it down, but when I let off it would not. Could something be stuck in there? I do a lot of laundry, and I clean the lint screen in the dryer. I find lint in my pocket all the time – where I keep my phone. Was pocket lint stuck in there?

I got my shop lite and a looked down into the receptacle. Hard to tell, but it looked like something soft and fuzzy. A few seconds later with a needle, and voila – not one, but two little fur balls way down inside of it. I looked back inside and I saw the shiny bottom once again. Now all is well with Cheap Trick and, unfortunately, High School Musical 3.

Low tech problem, low tech solution.
Low tech problem, low tech solution.

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