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Respecting a parent’s choice – Raphael Elisha Cohen

Guest post by Randy Barnes By now many across the Jewish world are acquainted with the tragic saga of Raphael Elisha Cohen, the six year old boy in Houston, TX battling medulloblastoma, a vicious form of brain cancer. What started out as a local story in the Jewish Herald Voice, Houston’s Jewish community newspaper, was…

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Texting @ the wheel is worse than driving drunk

Facts About Cell Phone Driving It’s deadly, and just plain stupid.  You are not a better driver, you cannot be more careful and you can’t ‘handle it’. If you do it, you’re an idiot and potential murderer. Do I have your attention now? Don’t do it. Research on distracted driving reveals some surprising facts: Using a…

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The Addictive Personality

“If drugs can’t be kept out of prisons, how can you possibly keep them out of a mostly free society?” Drug addiction (any addiction), is a matter of personality type. It is not the drug or activity that creates the addiction. It is the personality type that finds something to be addicted to. This explains…

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