Imagine if no one could lie anymore

Imagine if no one could lie anymore.

It’s an idea that could change the world. At least it could make for a good novel. Or a screenplay. If any of my writer friends sell this idea, all I ask is story credit and an invitation to the premier. If asked, I would do a cameo as myself, but I digress.

What I would like to see in my lifetime, between the advances in artificial intelligence and big data analytics, and stuff that has not been invented yet, is someone who invents a real-life bullshit detector.

It could be written by some Nigerian whiz-kid programmer, who grows up in a village learning to code on one of those One Laptop Per Child PCs. Then while studying at Stanford (sorry MIT), gets a pile of investment from a rich uncle who really is a prince, and unleashes it on Facebook Premium in 2033.

The software would be able to differ between sincerity (white lies, compliments, actors, storybooks, 3 year olds who poop their pants, etc.) and bald-faced chicanery, true deceitful intent. It would link up with the sub-orbital optical plasma database encircling Earth, and instantly recognize human lying patterns of all kinds, in any context, in any language, spoken or printed.

There is an endless supply of data. Everyone does it. It’s been going on since the dawn of language. No one would be able to hide from it. People would be called out as the liars they are, all over the world, instantly and irrevocably. Point your smart corneal sensor at anyone on the street, and see their ranking.

Lawyers, leaders, criminals, politicians, CEOs, police, teachers, soldiers, spouses, junkies, anyone who aims to cheat. It would go beyond truthiness, just truth.

What a different place this would be.