My Lytro Camera: Ship It Ship It Ship It…

My Lytro camera is a wonder of modern technology. It allows you to refocus pictures after you take them, just by clicking. That is very cool. Try it out here:

Package tracking is also a wonder of modern technology. I can watch the object of my gadget-lust as it leaves the warehouse, on its way to the distribution center, and on its way to me. That is very cool. And very disturbing. It drives me nuts with anticipation. I keep hitting refresh, hoping something will change, but it doesn’t change fast enough.

I know nothing much is happening between point A and point B besides being ‘in transit.’ But geez, couldn’t they do a progress bar thingy, you know how in the airplanes, you can watch the little plane icon as it creeps along the flight path in real time? How about a little package icon? Put an icon of a plane when it is shipped by air, or put a truck when it’s by ground.

Especially when it’s by ground.

Because I want it to get here, and if I can see a little picture of a truck, then I can adjust my expectations to the fact that my package is not on a plane, but with some long-haul trucker (bless you, the backbone of commerce), who has to stop to pee or sleep or whatnot on the way to my coast. Is that too much to ask? You see, I haven’t got much in the way of fingernails left after chewing them all off, so tapping my fingers on the desk gets uncomfortable. Having more information would allow me to cool my jets and regrow my nails. And to hit refresh more often…


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