That Glee/GaGa Thing

Evenings I am usually working, so I don’t watch much TV. But I caught Glee tonight and it was a lot of fun. It was the perfect episode for guys like me who were in high school in the late 70’s. They did KISS, man! Not just show tunes, but *real* rock. I flashed the rocker horns at the screen and shouted out loud.

I related to this episode, especially the jock character. In school I liked heavy metal, I played sports, and I was in drama. I went around with white face makeup performing as a mime, all 4 yrs (In retrospect, a Gene Simmons getup might have been better). I got harrassed by some of the jocks. I got called names. That part wasn’t much fun.

Today not much has changed. I still like heavy metal. I like Lady GaGa, too (with a daughter it’s unavoidable). I like to watch cage fighting. I took my mom to see Wicked. I have not showered in two days. And I can do more pushups now than any of my jock buddies from school. Rock on, dude!

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